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Choosing Happiness ›

Please click above to check out my friend’s site! Robby is facing a lifetime of illness - something I can certainly relate to. But he is doing his best to remain positive, to choose happiness over despair. He’s trying to transform his dialysis machine, something that could easily be a symbol of pain & self-pity, into a symbol of hope & happiness.

But he needs your help to do it!

Robby is asking for perfect strangers to send him stickers, so he can completely cover his dialysis machine in symbols of happiness from people all around the world. In return, he’ll send a few lucky people gift baskets from his home town of Savannah, Georgia!
I’m still working on the sticker that I’ll be sending to him soon. Please, take a minute, choose a sticker, and send it to Robby. We could all do with a reminder that no matter what trials we’re facing, we always have the chance to choose happiness.

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